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Portable electrocardiograph 3/12 channel 100G

Portable electrocardiograph  3/12 channel 100G A full-featured electrocardiograph with thermoprinter, which is ideal for private practic. It has built in memory for ECG record  in archive with last print on hte thermoprinter. For  comfort use cardiograph 100G automaticaly analisys intervals and  makes autodiagnostics.

Unique portability: weight 900 gr

Synchro Recording 12 channels automatically.
Large color touchscreen display with 3-12 ECG channels simultaneous display.
Printing of 12 leads on a built in thermal printer with using paper 50mm, ability to output rhythmogram on the tape.
ECG archive with output to the built-thermal printer.
Automatic interpretation and automatic diagnosis.
For taking ECG is used 10 electrode cable.
It is shown current heart rate on the screen.

Warranty term (month.): 12

Portable electrocardiograph 3/12 channel 100G, complectation:

- ECG device- 1 pcs.
- Manual - 1 pcs.
- ECG cable - 1 pcs.
- Paper - 1 pcs.
- Network cable with power supply - 1 pcs.
- Chest electrode - 6 pcs.
- Electodes for extremities - 4pcs.
- Warranty - 1 pcs.
Option complectation: transportation case, SD card.

Technical characteristics on Portable electrocardiograph 3/12 channel 100G:

Safety class: class ll B, with protection from defibrillation
ECG cable: 10 channel for registration  12 standart leads
Patient leakage current : <10µA
Input impedance: ≥50МΩ
Frequency characteristic: 0.05Hz~150Hz(-3Db, ~0,4Db)
CMRR: >60Db, >100 Db (adding filter)
Polarization voltage: ±300мВ
Noise level: ≤15µВ p-p
EMG filter: 25 Hz or 35Hz (-3Db)
AC filter: 50/60Hz (≥20Db)
Thermo print (print density 8 points/мм)
Paper specifications: 50мм х 20м paper for speed thermoprinter
Paper speed:
In automatic mode: 6.25 мм/s, 12.5 мм/s , 25мм/s, 50мм/s accuracy: ±5%
IN manual mode: 6.25 мм/s, 12.5 мм/s, 25 мм/s, 50 мм/s accuracy ±5%
Sensitivity: 5,10,20 мм/мВ  
Standart sensitivity 10мм/мВ ±0.2 мм/мВ
Automatic mode:
Automatic ECG recording in the current format, automatic change of leads, automatic measurement and analysis.
Manual record mode:
ECG recording in the current format, manual change of leads.
HR, interval PR,wave  Р, complex QRS,  waveT, interval QT, QTс, peak wave Р, peak QRS, peak wave Т,  R(V5), S(V1), R(V5)+ S(V1).
Dimentions: 207мм х 96мм х 62мм
Weight:  0. 5kg
Working conditions:
Environment temperature:  +5℃~+35℃
Humidity: ≤80%
Power unit: external adapter 12V
DC: 7.4 V, 2000 мАч rechargeable lithium battery
Atmospheric pressure: 645mm Hg~795 mm Hg
Storage and transportation
Environment temperature:-40℃~55℃
Humidity:  ≤95%
Atmospheric pressure: 375 mm Hg~795 mm Hg
Display: 2.8” colour touchscreen LCD dispaly, high resolution 320х240 pixels.
Management: touchscreen and keyboard.
ECG with 12 standart leads, simultaneous-sampling signal
Simultaneous displaying 3/6/12 ECG channel
Built in data archive.
The device can operate in print mode for 4 hours at full battery charge level.
Ability to save the archive on the SD memory card, up to 100 records.