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Single-channel injector for injection of contrast substance with a wide range of speeds and high safety profile. About...

Two channel injector allows to inject safely the contrast substance with two different parameteers of the infusion.  About...

"HEACO" injector systems - its unique systems for contrast substance injection with a wide speed range, high safety profile and comfort in use due to using a big informative touchscreen panel and remote control.

What distinguishes "HEACO" injectors.

Wide speed range
Flow range: 0.1-10 ml/s, step – 0.1 ml/s
Pressure range: 0.69 mPa – 1.724 mPa, step – 0.35 mPa

An ideal patient safety
Patented system "Direct pressure sensor" allows real-time control and regulation the pressure, what reduces the risk of vascular injury and the emergence postoperation hematoma. Besides, injector is equiped with advanced technologies of occlusion and emboli control, sound and visual alarms.