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Anaesthetic patient monitor G9L

Anaesthetic patient monitor G9L Unique patient monitor, which allows an anaesthesiologist to evaluate the deepth of narcosis and main vital functions. All this on a big screen: index of depth of anesthesia, ECG, Non invasive blood pressure, Respiration rate, Pulse, Saturation.

Determination of the depth of anesthesia using a reusable sensor for highly specific technology CSI, using EEG and myography.
Monitor G9L has reusable probes to determine the depth of anesthesia- no need to buy disposable sensors.
Anesthesia patient monitor G9L has comfortable control with the joystick buttons on the front panel and remote control.
In contrast to other monitors, patient monitor G9L monitors the patient's most important vital functions: blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, ECG, respiration, and temperature.
In addition, anesthesia patient monitor with determination of the level of depth of anesthesia can be supplemented G9L module of invasive determination of blood pressure, capnograph, module of anesthetic gases definition ("MULTIGAZ"), determination of cardiac output module.
ECG with opportunity of record 12 leads, automatic detection of arrhythmias, segment analysis ST.
Elimination of noise under electrosurgical interventions, rapid recovery after defibrillation.

Warranty term (month.): 18

Anaesthetic patient monitor G9L, complectation:

- Patient monitor- 1 pcs.
- Power cable - 1 pcs.
- Extention cuff - 1 pcs.
- Cuff - 1 pcs.
- ECG cable - 1 pcs.
- Disposable ECG electrodes- 10 pcs.
- SPO2 probe - 1 pcs.
- Paper for printer - 1 pcs.
- Respiration tube (disposable) - 1 pcs.
- Remote control - 1 pcs.
- Depth of anesthesia cable (reusable) - 1 pcs.
- EEG (electroencephalogram) electrodes (disposable) - 10 pcs.  
- Temperature probe (rectal and cutaneous) - 2 pcs.
- Manual - 1 pcs.
- Brand cloth case - 1 pcs.
- Warranty - 1 pcs.

Technical characteristics on Anaesthetic patient monitor G9L:

Tecnical parameters CSM (module of determination index depth of anesthesia)

EEG : ±400μВ
Noise level: < 2μВ р-р , < 0.4μВ СКВ, 1—250 Hz
CMR: >140 Db
Input impedance: >50 МОм
Sampling rate: 2000 samples/sec. (14 bit)
Index depth of anesthesia (CSI) and periodicity of updating: 0-100.
Filter 6-42 Hz, updated every second
EMG : 0-100 logarithmic.
Filter 75-85 Hz, updated every second
The magnitude of suppression of outbreaks (BS%): 0-100%.
Filter 2-42 Hz, updated every second

Alarms: Upper/Lower limits, adjustable by user

Suppression of artifacts: Automatic
The range of impedance sensors: 0-10 кОм / current measurement 0,01 μА

Memory: Data record up to 18 hours


Leads: Cable with 3 or 5 leads.
Leads: I,II,III/I,II,III aVR, aVL, aVF, V.
Gain selection: 1/4,1/2,1, 2, 4мВ or auto.
Sweep speed: 6.25,12.5, 25, и 50 мм/sec.
Pulse measurement range: 15-380 ВРМ (beats in a minute)
ECG calibration: ±1 мВ


Dual channel: central and peripheral
Solution: 0.1 °С (I,II,III selection of the impedance of the nasal cavity ).
Temperature : Т1 ,Т2, ∆Т.


Mode of operation: automatic oscillometric.
Measurement time: Adult, pediatric, neonatal.
Measured parameters: systolic, mean, diastolic blood pressure.
Measuring modes: manual, automatic and continuous.
Measurement units: mmHg/kPa (оoption) Accuracy ±2 mmHg


Display Mode: curves and digital.
Measurement range: 0-100%.
Solution: 1%.
Pulse measurement range: 30-250 beats.min.
Pulse accuracy range: ±1 beats.min.
Solution: 1 beats.min.

Respiration rate

Method of measurement: thoracic impedance or nasal tube
Measurement range: adult: 0-120 breath/min.
Accuracy: ± 1 breath/min.
Solution: 1 breath/min.

Cardiac output (option)

Method: thermodynamic.
Measurement range: СО: 0.1-20.0 L/min ТВ:23-43°С ТI:0-27°С. Solution: СО: 0.1 L/min ТI: 0.1°С ТВ: 0.1°С.
Accuracy: СО: ± 0.2 L/min or ± 5% ТВ: ± 0.2°С ТI: ± 0.2°С. Output parameter: the calculation of hemodynamic.

IBP  (option)

Measurement range: -6~40kPa (-50~300 mmHg).
Channel: 2 channels.
Pressure probe: sensitivity: 5мВ/В/mmHg
Units of measurement: mmHg/kPa.

Capnograph (ЕтСО2) (main and side stream)

Method: main and side stream.
Measurement range: 0%-10.0%.
Accuracy: ± 2 mmHg

Gase analisys "Multigas" (option)

Method: Infrared absorption
Monitoring gase: СО2, N2О, desflurane, enflurane, sevoflurane, halothane О2
Measurement range: СО2: 0-30% N2О:0-105% О2:0-105%
isoflurane, enflurane, halothane: 0-30% Сев: 0-30% Дес: 0-30%
Output parameter: Fi and values ЕТ
Detection agent mixture
Power Requirements:
Voltage: 100~240В АС, 50/60 Hz