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Ward patient monitor G3D

Ward patient monitor G3D Informative 12,1" display with view of 7 ECG leads and main vital functions data. Qualitative trend leads due to intelectual filter.

Automatic depth analysis of ECG data: identification of arrhythmia analysis segment ST, evaluation of the pacemaker.
The ability to record 12 lead ECG with storage of selected fragments.
Stability for electrosurgical interventions rapid recovery after defibrillation.

Base complectation of G3D: ECG, RR (2 probes), Pulse, SpO2, IBP, temperature (2 probes), printer.

Optional: IBP, capnography (CO2), cardiac output, Wi-Fi, power from 12 volt, mounting, mobile stand.

Warranty term (month.): 18

Ward patient monitor G3D, complectation:

- Patient monitor - 1 pcs.
- Power cable - 1 pcs.
- Extention cuff - 1pcs.
- Cuff - 1 pcs.
- ECG cable - 1 pcs.
- Disposable ECG electrodes - 10 pcs.
- SPO2 probe- 1 pcs.
- Paper for printer - 1 pcs.
- Respiration tube (disposable) - 1 pcs.
- Temperature probe (cutaneous and rectal) - 2 pcs.
- Manual - 1pcs.
- Brand cloth case - 1 pcs.
- Warranty - 1 pcs.

Technical characteristics on Ward patient monitor G3D:


Leads: Cable with 3 or 5 leads.
Lead choice: I,II,III/I,II,III aVR, aVL, aVF, V.
Gain selection: 1/4,1/2,1, 2, 4мВ or auto.
Sweep speed: 6.25,12.5, 25, and 50 мм/sec.
Pulse measurement range: 15-380 ВРМ (beats in a minute)
ECG calibration: ±1 мВ


Two channel: central and peripheral.
Solution: 0.1 °С (I,II,III selection of the impedance of the nasal cavity).
Temperature: Т1 ,Т2, ∆Т.


Working mode: automatic oscillometric.
Measurement type: Adult, pediatric, neonatal.
Measured parameters: systolic, mean and diastolic pressure.
Measuring modes: manual, automatic and continuous.
Measurement unit: mm Hg/kPa (option) Accuracy ±2 mm Hg


Display Mode: curves and digital.
Measurement range: 0-100%.
Solution: 1%.
Pulse measurent range: 30-250 breath/minute
Pulse accuracy: ±1 breath/minute
Solution: 1 breath/minute.


Method of measurement: thoracic impedance or nasal tube
Measurement range: adult: 0-120 breath/minute.
Accuracy: ± 1 breath/minute.
Solution: 1 breath/minute.

Cardiac output (option)

Method: thermodynamic.
Measurement range: СО: 0.1-20.0 L/min ТВ:23-43°С ТI:0-27°С. Solution: СО: 0.1 L/min ТI: 0.1°С ТВ: 0.1°С.
Accuracy: СО: ± 0.2 L/min or ± 5% ТВ: ± 0.2°С ТI: ± 0.2°С. Output parameter: the calculation of hemodynamic.

IBP  (option)

Measurement range: -6~40kPa (-50~300 mm Hg).
Channel: 2 channel.
Pressure probe: sensitiveness: 5мВ/В/mm Hg
Mesurement unit: mm Hg/kPa.

Capnograph (ЕтСО2) (main stream and side stream)

Method: main stream and side stream.
Measurement range: 0%-10.0%.
Accuracy: ± 2 mm Hg.