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Expert class devices  for effective wound treatment with different   therapeutic modes and high profile security by exudate monitoring system. About...

The sets of sterile dressing kits and reservoirs for exudate it is an important component of the NPWT therapy.  They allow you to create a quality seal wounds on almost any surface and make the procedure safe. Special sponge structure creates a perfect drainage, and impregnation with silver ions reduces bacterial background in the wound. About...

NPTW FORYOU Innovative patented technology makes wound therapy effective and safe.

System controls in real time the exudate volume, characteristic, pressure inside the system, themperature mode. Sound and visual alarms automatically warns the doctor about possible problems, such as leakage, system passing ability,bleeding. Noiseless working mode make continuous therapy comfortable. The original accessories allow to carry out therapy under a tight seal regardless of the form the wound and its localization.

NPTW therapy significantly reduces the wounds healing time due to healing process stimulation and constant cleaning of the wound.

NPTW therapy – an effective drainage of fluid, cleaning the wound, stimulating of blood circulation and regeneration processes in the affected area, reducing puffiness, background and level of bacterial toxins in the wound.

Indication for NPTW therapy: wounds healing by secondary intention, such as open abdominal wounds, mediastinitis, surgical wounds, diabetic foot, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and deep wounds, pockets and cavities, sores. Burn wounds I-II degree.

Contraindication for NPWT therapy: 'Dry' wounds, burns of III degree, blood clotting, necrotic areas wounds, osteomyelitis without base treatment, the wound in neoplastic tissues.