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Three channel syringe pump SN-50T66

Three channel syringe pump SN-50T66The unique three channel syringe pump HEACO with three independent channels and automatic calculation of infusion rate for each. This is an ideal solution for equipping the operational unit and emergency ward. 

Intuitive interface in the english language allows you to enter quickly into the syringe operation, does not require long training.

Wide range of speeds, automatic calculation of the infusion rate, the modern process controls administration algorithm with audible and visual alerts, creates comfortable conditions for medical personnel.

Supports all marks of syringes, which makes using the pump economical.

Warranty term (month.): 12

Three channel syringe pump SN-50T66, complectation:

- Three channel syringe pump - 1 pcs. 
- Power cord - 1 pcs. 

Technical characteristics on Three channel syringe pump SN-50T66:

Speed modes
50/60 ml syringe:  0.1 ml/h - 1500 ml/h, step 0.1 ml/h; more 1000 ml/h, step 1 ml/h.
30ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 900.0 ml/h, step 0.1 ml/h
20ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 600.0 ml/h, step 0.1 ml/h
10ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h - 400.0 ml/h, step 0.1 ml/h
Accuracy:  ±2% (Mechanic accuracy ±1%)
Bolus speed 
50/60ml syringe:  1500 ml/h
30ml syringe:  900.0 ml/h
20ml syringe:  600.0 ml/h
10ml syringe:  400.0 ml/h
Volume mode:
0.1 ml - 9999 ml.
Levels of Occlusion: 
High (H) : 800mmHg±200mm Hg (106.7kPa±26.7kPa)
Medium (C) : 500mmHg±100mm Hg (66.7kPa±13.3kPa)
Low (L) : 300mmHg±100mm Hg (40.7kPa±13.3kPa)
0.1 - 5 ml/h
Allarm for left volume: 
Location: 0.1~40 mm , step 0.1 mm
Volume: 0.1~40 ml, step 0.1 ml
Time: 0.1~10 min, step 0.1 min
When setting parametr is "0",  alarm for the left volume doen`t work.
Memory: 2000 pcs
Information that can be safed: infusion parameters, alarms during infusion, occlussion levels, syringe that is used.
Infusion almost over, occlusion, syringe shift, high lever of the flow, infusion over, disconnected power cord, low battery, system error. 
Power supply
From the net and from built-in-battery
Net: AC 100V-240V, DC 12V
Frequency:  50/60Hz
Battery Voltage: DC 12V
Working time in autonomous mode up to 6 hours under the speed 5 ml/h